Opening Doors…

“How can you make your self standout?”

ImageCurrently there is an emphasis on languages,learning as many of them as possible and with confidence. or finding ways to stand out.

At the moment in the job market,there is a difficulty of finding jobs. Therefore jobs in the UK are difficult to come of  so looking for other career prospects in  thriving international markets is possible an option or Learning a few languages is an another because it makes you a rare and unique individual  among other candidates.

“Bilingualism and Plurilingualism entail economic advantages, too: jobs are more easily available to those who speak several languages, and multilingual companies have a better competitive edge than monolingual ones.”

At the moment all over the UK,pupils are taught  the importance languages by their school’s  own respective language departments. As the current generation are ‘shunning GCSE’s in Modern foreign languages'(quoted from the telegraph) the true effect will

 not be felt until after this generation are graduates, and begin the search of a career then  the reality of the rather sharp decline of jobs will be seen.

Personally ..

I would class myself as quite multilingual,I speak English (obviously!) ,French,German,Gujarati and Hindi also I can understand Punjabi and Urdu quite well,Which makes me feel that this helps to build that bigger picture,I’m taking the subjects highlighted as a Language G.C.S.E.

Recently as part of my Gcse German course,I got the opportunity  to go Berlin ,a taste of somewhere that I haven’t been before which has inspired me to tell you lot  about future prospects;

What does Bradley Cooper, Penelope Cruz, Tim Rice and J.K Rowling have in common?

Well,they all have been abroad for education or work.

OTHER Opportunities…

Another way you could show your individuality is going abroad because there is a shortage of jobs shouldn’t be the only reason you are doing it.

•You gain independence, adaptability, confidence, cultural awareness and an experience that you will always remember.
•You will one day need to lose your comfort zone
•It may seem a long way away now, but before you know it, you will (hopefully) be settled in a career
•Believe older people when they say that you should make the most of being young and in a position to do life changing things
•When you have a career, you may only get 20 days off a year, which is probably not enough time to take an adventure you will remember for the rest of your life!

You could do it

  • After your A levels,
  • Summers between University
  • or a Third year abroad.


Europe,Asia,America or collectively anywhere!  

What you could do?


•Teach English as a foreign language
•Sports coaching
•Work experience
•Help in a community project in a developing country
•Teach English and life skills in a small community
•Coach sport in a rural village
•Get experience towards a career choice eg. Medicine
•Travel and Work:





South America


•start planning ahead
•You may need to get a part-time job to get some money together
•You might need to gain a qualification
• You can still apply to university and defer,

But many gapyears are not expensive.

Working to pay your way is a great way to do it.  Many organisations help you to organise this and volunteering can also pay your expenses.

What the universities say?

Queen’s College at Cambridge University: “We are happy to encourage applicants in all subjects to either apply for deferred entry or to apply post-A2. We think that time away from study between school and university offers students the chance to develop, mature and see something of the world.”

 what do employers say?

•Generally, employers view gap years very favourably as they are looking for more than just a degree from graduates. So anything about you that demonstrates how you stand out from the crowd, and any hidden qualities you have, will put you in good stead.
•The life skills that a good gap year can show include initiative, communication and decision-making. If your gap year shows that you have these valuable skills, any employer will look very favourably upon you.
 If you may decide to have a summer abroad you could do thing like :

•Camp America
•Sports Coaching (USA, Africa, Australia)
•Community Projects
Like I have said before that I want to find  that thing that sets me apart from everyone else,
find away to make my identity in the big wide world although i’m quite young on this journey of life,i think my ideas
make me older. One day I want to look back to be proud of what i’ve done ,that I’ve lived life on my terms and made the most of it.
Jemini Katechia

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