Overcoming Obstacles (Fears)




Today, I’m going to talk about something that effects us in sometimes in life at certain occasions or sometimes all our lives.

Fears: We are all scared of something and have phobias. From the toughest man to absolute softie everyone does (even if they don’t admit it they do, trust me) and it not always a bad thing.

Below is a list of the ten most common phobia that everyone has or knows some that does:

1. Arachnophobia:

  • The fear of spiders.
  • This phobia tends to affect women more than men.

2. Ophidiophobia:

  • The fear of snakes.
  • Often attributed to evolutionary causes, personal experiences, or cultural influences.

3. Acrophobia:

  • The fear of heights.
  • This fear can lead to anxiety attacks and avoidance of high places.

4. Agoraphobia:

  • The fear of situations in which escape is difficult.
  • This may include crowded areas, open spaces, or situations that are likely to trigger a panic attack. People will begin avoiding these trigger events, sometimes to the point that they cease leaving their home.
  • Approximately one third of people with panic disorder develop agoraphobia.

5. Cynophobia:

  • The fear of dogs.
  • This phobia is often associated with specific personal experiences, such as being bitten by a dog during childhood.

6. Astraphobia:

  • The fear of thunder and lightening.
  • Also known as Brontophobia, Tonitrophobia, or Ceraunophobia.

7. Trypanophobia:

  • The fear of injections.
  • Like many phobias, this fear often goes untreated because people avoid the triggering object and situation.

8. Social Phobias:

  • The fear of social situations.
  • In many cases, these phobias can become so severe that people avoid events, places, and people that are likely to trigger an anxiety attack.

9. Pteromerhanophobia:

  • The fear of flying.
  • Often treated using exposure therapy, in which the client is gradually and progressively introduced to flying.

10. Mysophobia:

  • The fear of germs or dirt.
  • May be related to obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Some people fear heights and others may spiders,they can may you irrational.

Why did I just list different types of phobias?  It is OK to fear things as this is part of our inbuilt mechanism for fight or flight mode and this mechanism is meant to crucial  for our survival as humans. If we didn’t fear things or our ancestors didn’t fear things there would be no avoidance of potential dangerous situations, this would mean that our ancestors would not survive, reproduce and pass on genetics. This means that the human race would not be what it is today without Fight or Flight mode. The problem arises when this in built fear becomes a hindrance to our progress and this is when it becomes necessary to find routes to overcome these obstacles that are in the path of us further progressing.

At that point in time ask yourself 3 questions :

1) Is this fear beneficial ?

Often fear can hinter your progress and stop you developing as an individual,you need to see that this fear is going to stop you in life from progress,then you need to overcome it.

(2/3)Why do you fear it & how do I overcome it?

Find the root to your problems,we all have fears,in order to confront them you need knowledge for instance if you are scared of dogs then you need to know  that they are more scared of you,than you are of them,constantly remind yourself of this

Something  that really left without words was this extract below of one of the vedas,it explains exactly what I want to say effectively and concisely

“Fear of darkness is fear of the unknown

Fear of the light is fear of the known

Fear of the unknown is stupidity

Fear of the known is absurdity”-Atharva veda

I hope you are motivated to conquer your fears ,only then will you be fearless and progress in life.

Thanks for Reading



2 thoughts on “Overcoming Obstacles (Fears)

    1. I hope you do, I confess I’m quite afraid of them too 🙂 funny you say that (about the quote) because that is kinda theme for my next upcoming post. thanks! thought 🙂 x

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