Actually taking the plunge

The Lourve, Paris

Over the last few months and perhaps the last couple of years, I’ve had the thought that maybe at times I have a certain reluctance to follow through things that I start.  In particular I’m talking about writing in general: this blog and even my personal diary. It’s almost like factors such as time constraints and every so often having the writer’s block where I cannot think of a idea decent enough to put out there.  It makes me feel like I’d rather not than post instead of something that I’m  not totally satisfied with. They have hindered me with regards to writing.

It’s possible what I’m saying could be just excuses for procrastination or not to take a kind of ‘responsibility’ in one sense. Dodging things, not following things through and not giving my absolute 100% is genuinely not the type of person I am. With every aspect of my life I try to give the best I can whether it be my A levels, friendships, family and hobbies.

The reason I write is not to impress anyone nor as some kind of chore, is it for my own pleasure and leisure, is it an something I do that I genuinely enjoy. Writing for me as I’ve often described it to people is to clear my head and to express thoughts that often aren’t uttered by me in the day-to-day life.

One of my friends’ asked me the other day “What is general theme of the ideas you are going write about?” My answer to this is that anything I write will either be something has intrigued me or something I feel is important sharing and also a topic that is worth discussing.

Writing is a way of seeing a side of me that people who are usually around me in everyday life don’t see usually despite the majority of people describing me as chatty bubbly individual so join me of my journey of thoughts and we shall see the sorts of ideas, dilemma and conflicts that arrive in my head.

Things I am expecting I will learn from writing more frequently:

  • Having a deeper understanding of things
  • How to articulate my sentences and thoughts more effectively
  • Rekindle my love for writing
  • To gain more confidence in what I say and write

A couple of months ago, I was watching a talk that Indian prime minster Narendra Modi did to a group of school children. What he said in response to a question by one of the students about time management really struck me.

Below are some of the pointers that stood out to me:

  • An individual who is always working consistently can always make time for things but those who are lazy or do not know how to manage their time properly seem to never have time to do anything.
  • With reference to Benjamin franklin he said
    • We are unable to prioritise between tasks and to know which are important, a waste of time and can be done later. If we are able to prioritise we will find we have ample time to do anything and utilise time to its best efficiency.
  • We should have the psyche that doing work: it is not a chore nor should be exhaustive, it’s something you should gain satisfaction from completing. If we feel exhausted from doing work, it is down to not being able to prioritise
  • With reference to K Ka Shastri (Keshavram Kashiram Shastri) [famous for his contribution to vedic literature in Gujarat]. Modi observed how efficiently Shastri utilised time and he said] we should be attentive to make sure we don’t waste time but to utilise it properly every moment of everyday.

As a student life at the moment is a balancing act between studying in school, revision, eating, daily routine, resting and what minuscule time we have left goes to socialising or doing more extracurricular activities. It often feels like I have no time to do this and to do that. Modi’s speech has inspired me to learn to be more focused on prioritising my time as it means that I can get a lot more things done in the space of 24 hours every day.

It’s high time to stop prodding the surface and take the plunge as I would put it. Being able to juggle things efficiently is a causative factor that produces success in all areas your life without neglecting another. It is all possible but it just requires a bit of thought and initiative from your part.

Concentrate all your thoughts upon the work at hand. The sun’s rays do not burn until brought to a focus.” – Alexander Graham Bell



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