A fork in the road.


Tonight, there is something bugging me, making me restless and asking for a way out. I know what it is.  It’s now twelve o ‘clock at night and I know that deep down without putting it to rest it will not let me sleep.

From the somewhat little life experience I have gathered in the small gap of 16 years, I have come to the conclusion that we are all on some journey, like a river. When we are born we start off as streams, over time we begin to accumulate “water” and this can represent many things such as age, success, failure and life experiences.  This forever moving mass of water that is never stagnating signifies the journey that we will go through during the course of our life.  This action of moving often gives hints that life is something that is very volatile and that is always changing and inevitably what we know to be today will only remain as the reminisce of a new tomorrow that awaits. Any kind of addition or change happens for a purpose to teach us something and to have an effect on our lives sometimes for better or for worse but will always have a meaningful addition to your life. You will be wiser than before.

People in our lives are like tributaries, they join easily, some stay for a long time, some stay for a short time, becoming integrated in our way of life. Today I was faced with a ‘fork in the road’ situation. Maybe I’m over dramatizing my thoughts but here I go. It was almost like life was like, this is your side of the road and there is no going back. I was almost baffled by the situation and I was confused how to react. What happened today was that two of my friends decided to leave the sixth form college I attend, to move to one that best suited their abilities and ambitions. It is a decision I respect as they are doing the best that they can for themselves.  When I saw them for the last time today it was odd, as if it was like a scene in a film, where I looked back as we walked in opposite directions.

Sometimes we cannot change things to be the way we would like them to be, but like the course of the river you cannot manipulate its direction, follow the flow it takes. Regardless of what path life sets us on, it’s our duty to make the best out what we have and not to dwell over what we can’t have.

When I joined secondary school I was a bit apprehensive of what it would be like, as my experience in my primary school was not the best it could have been. Now on the other side, I’m glad to say they were most probably some of the best years of my life!  I have been blessed with some amazing friends and opportunities, which I wouldn’t change for the world. There were many ups, downs, successes and failures that made me who I am today.

On induction day, I met Sophie and she was just as shy and nervous as I was. I still remember, she was wearing a blue top and white trousers. We sat on a grassy area called the ‘banks’ and introduced ourselves for the first time.  Sophie and I went on to become best friends pretty much; she has always been someone you could tell anything to without fear of judgement. After Sophie, came along another friend, her name is Ananda. I describe our relationship as sweet and sour because we have argued, laughed, bitched and still remained good friends. My favourite memories are the trip to Chessington World of Adventures when I got over my fear of rides and in drama when my code name became Jeremy ketchup. Ananda and Sophie have taught me to come out of shell and to stand up for myself. I will genuinely miss you guys! And I wish you two the best of luck in all your future endeavours.

At this point in time, Sophie and Ananda might not be in close contact with me but friendships don’t die. If you wish to keep them alive, they will.  I am blessed to have some amazing friends who are just as close to me, who make me laugh and I cannot live without.  No person will replace another, but each friend has something that is unique about them and makes them special. For me right now, it would be my friend Isabel, I said that we are like two peas in a pod and she is part of my list of friends that I shall always remember, just like Sophie and Ananda are.

Like I said Friends are like tributaries they come and go but they will always stay a part of you regardless of what corner of the world they maybe.

“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”
― Dr Suess


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