Changing of the winds

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Today is my last day of year 11.

I can’t believe that 5 years have passed so quickly. Along the way I have met some amazing friends and learnt from some truly inspiring teachers with whom I have had some memorable moments that I will never forget in the years to come.

I have grown from a nervous timid girl who started in year 7 to a confident and outgoing grown up individual finishing off in year 11 to start sixth form.

This may sound rather absurd but subconsciously I have always thought that  a schooling system is somewhat a  production line where the students are raw diamonds and the teachers are the crafters that turn them into master pieces and help to make such amazing intelligent individuals. Along the way your personalities develop,we change in every way, becoming more defined and different  as an individual.

Each and everyday in this common learning process, I have thought that I  will leave as a final product and now the thought of this rather saddens me because from now on I will no longer be a part of it and I feel being a part of a school culture becomes embedded and quite integrated into our small worlds and a significant portion of our early lives. Although I will go to sixth form but I will feel like an outsider however life is inevitably moving forward and soon I will have to fight my own more difficult battles than school life. No matter what anyone else may say but my GCSES were one of the biggest that in my life to i have faced in my life to date.

Waking up this morning was an odd feeling knowing , that this was the last time I would go to school as student and from there on things would change, it’s unbelievable how things have come round the corner so quickly. I remember my first day of school: I put my uniform on, headed to the dining table for breakfast dreading this new beginning I was to do. Today its was not nervousness but sadness and a kind of nostalgia and deja vu where I was like here I am again back to the starting square. Anyways this September is a new start for me, for my friends and people very close to me who are either starting sixth form,starting a new school or going to University. To all of them i wish you all the  success and that you prosper in what you have set out to do.

I wont ever forget my time at secondary school the friends, the teachers and experiences. I never thought that I would say that as I was in such a hurry to grow and do my A levels then go off to Uni but actually one thing I’ve learnt is learn to live in the moment, don’t plan too ahead or not to plan at all, just maintain a balance between the two.

On that note I’m going  back to revising and maybe chill out for bit.

Good night everyone! Good luck for the forthcoming future!


I never think of the future – it comes soon enough.

Albert Einstein

It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves.

William Shakespeare

Fête de la Musique ( World music day )

Today! is the summer solstice which is also known as the longest day of summer. I really love listening to some tunes in my spare time, for those of us who love music there is some good news!Fête de la musique

On the 21st of June every year in France and francophone countries around the world (tout les monde) they all celebrate music where musicians and artists both unsigned and signed (some of the famous participants include david guetta),all of them come on the streets (rue/boulevard) and they give performances for free so basically the whole country is partying away (sounds like fun to me! ;]).

How did it start?

Well, the french are known of being very proud of their culture so in 1981 the minister of music Jack Lang,had an idea to invite 100 musicians to go on the streets for just half an hour to play music and from then on it has become really popular. This year will the 32nd year it is celebrated.

The party has moved around the world,now in 120 countries it takes place such as Germany,Switzerland,Canada.

I really wish in the future i get to go to see the Fête de la Musique!

Here are some examples of this amazing festival :

Creating rifts between us

If I rewind the clock about 25 years ago, technology was very limited; for starters, the internet was out of the question, over the years there has been a gradual increase in technology from around the late nineties to what would be now naturally regarded as technology was in its early stages.Image

Back before the invention of the telephone, if you wanted to communicate with someone or send them a message you would send them a letter written by hand or typewritten; alternatively, you would have to converse with them face to face. Especially, over about the last decade, the ways in which we communicate has really been changed.

In 1995, Windows 95 was introduced although it was a very basic however it is the basis of more modern operating systems such as Windows XP, Vista, 7 and the more recent Windows 8.

In the 2000, one of the iconic phones’ was released which was the first ever dual band mobile phone by Nokia. At the time, if you had one you would be considered with real class/status (well what I mean in simple terms is ‘cool’) and I remember as a young child, I used to play the games on my mum’s phone (e.g. Snakes II, Bantumi, Space impact etc…) which I thought were really cool then.

In 2004, the popular FACEBOOK was born; later in 2006, Twitter followed (see what I did there haha… sorry guys! excuse the pun, couldn’t resist it! :]) Now these social media networks have millions of users every day.

Quoted from the telegraph:

“Archbishop Nichols does have a strong, broader point about the dehumanising effects of online communication. And not only among the young. We are all, frankly, in danger now of conducting human relationships almost exclusively through the prism of a computer screen…What Archbishop Nichols, who I notice makes himself personally available whenever he can, has pointed up is that the internet, with all its talk of “connectivity”, was meant to bring the world together. Actually, it’s driving us apart.

This is an issue quite which is close to us because technology is integrated into our lives in every possible way imaginable and we are more connected to each other today than ever before for instance people can run businesses online with people they haven’t met in the flesh and make millions or a another example that is negative is people can have arguments over Facebook even though they may not have talked to each other person to person. There are several benefits of these advances in technology however it is also arguable that there are countless negative effects due to this, on today’s society.

I can text my friend to find how he/she is who lives just 10 minutes away from my home and I can stay in touch with my friends that live in different countries around the world although in my opinion I think we are more distant from each other, kind of external or withdrawn in a sense; there has been total breakdown of communication among people.                    

Social media in our daily lives most certainly has its purpose, and serves us well. It’s a crucial part of the society we live in today. The trouble is, we have too much of it, and we spend too much time with it. Ask yourself, “What am I missing with my face buried in my phone/laptop?” Sometimes we focus too much on that next tweet or post, rather than living our own life in the here and now. It’s easy to lose ourselves so put your phone on the side or silent at least when you’re with your friends or family and actually build relationship because they are fragile and lets not be unaware that technology is creating rifts.

Before, I call it a night I recommend watching a channel 4 documentary called ‘DON’T BLAME FACEBOOK’ which is about the overexposure to social media and the possible consequences which I believe is still currently on 40d. I thought it was quite interesting and shocking as warning to reconsider of your privacy.


I’m still here!

Extremely sorry! For not posting in absolutely ages :),

I haven’t disappeared from of the face of the earth or something rather;it’s just i’ve been preparing for some upcoming exams also on the weekend I went away for a few days with my family because it’s currently the easter break in the uk. Hopefully later today or within this week *fingers crossed* there will be some new posts up so watch this space meanwhile please enjoy these images below,that have brought me quite a lot of joy in the past few weeks. (*warning* some of them are in other languages other than english)

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Talking gibberish or is it?

No one who has ever lived or is to come has had your combination of abilities, talents, appearance, friends, acquaintances, burdens, sorrows and opportunities.No one’s hair grows exactly the way yours does. No one’s finger prints are like yours.

A lot of things make us who we are: Our personalties?… family? so our genes maybe? Things that we enjoy? hobbies? Well,I pose a question for you,so

what really make you,you?

We live in a society today where we co exist with people that expect us to live stereotypes that maybe behaving a certain way or listening to a particular type of music? just to be deemed ‘Cool’ ,for those of who are more sophisticated ‘acceptable’,some people will go to great extents to have this feeling of acceptance. we have become so engrossed in doing this,has it become second nature?Has it become habitual to partake in being these stereotypes? Every community/society has their norms;I’m not saying to go against them ,to do something outrageous or shocking that is unacceptable. Our lives have become a cliché in other words to clarify.

What is the difference between living and existing?

Here are two stories:

1) The first one is of a leaf.

Imagine a picturesque wood with oak trees that many hundreds of leaves on them.All of a sudden there is a strong gust of wind,one leaf is carried away by the wind;it lands somewhere far away from the oak trees.

2) This second is of a seed.

A seed is planted and it sits underneath the ground in the soil through the harsh and unforgiving winter waiting patiently for the spring to come.Finally the day arrived that the seed had so tolerantly waited for;as any seed it began to sprout just as it reached the surface of the soil,a rock came in the way of the little seed but it persevered and grew around the rock and one day it grew to become a mighty oak tree.

The difference  between the leaf and seed is the seed lived; it didn’t get affected by its circumstances/surroundings,it strived to be what it wanted to be but the leaf it was taken by the wind;didn’t try to change the situation,strive to become something.

In a everyday situation,a recent example of this,a story that was covered by international media and shocked the world was of  a 14 year old girl called Malala Yousafzai who lived in Pakistan and stood up for her rights to an education whilst doing this she was shot in the head by the Taliban. Everyone was scared to stand up and speak their minds because they were scared and she was the only one who was an individual.

In today’s society we are like sheep in a herd and we blindly follow things,if we are all the same then it would be plain boring,in history time,time and again it’s been proven that if someone has done something different they have been remembered for it for example Martin Luther King jr,Rosa parks or Mahatma Gandhi

To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” 
― Ralph Waldo Emerson

This quote explains the gist of I’m trying to say and I hope for some of you this was not a bit of a tangent.


Jemini Katechia

Why I write..

I am often asked why I write?  

What is my motivation? who inspires you?

I have wrote this in my head again and again, I didn’t know whether it convey what I felt but here I go.

Writing for me has a been a way that I can express myself , I always been someone who finds it hard to convey my emotions and since I was younger whether I was sad or happy.For me,writing has been the way I can communicate with other people.  Also I love languages; writing makes my grasp on them stronger and it helps me to discover different cultures,ways that I can see how people live their lives and how they feel.(hint,hint *clairebear*)

You can write in any situation  whether your absolutely happy or very distraught or your scared. For me someone that has inspired me  to write in any circumstances is Anne Frank.She was a girl born in Frankfurt who fled to Amsterdam to save her life during  the persecutions of the Jewish people, A diary was given to Anne on her 13th birthday, in which she wrote the chronicles of

File:Anne Frank.jpgher life from 12 June 1942 until 1 August 1944.  When she died aged 15.In that situation where her life was in constant threat,she wrote a truly remarkable piece work which would be an insight in to her life and be very moving for thousands of people. she has been an inspiration to millions and not only me…

But someone who is not as famous as her is my friend Hiran and the way he writes truly inspiring,it really captures you and evokes emotions through his writing style. Every time I read a post by him,it takes me back ,it really and gives me something new to think about. He was the inspiration for me to start this blog when I read one of his post it gave me a vision to do something new and here I am. Thank you!

Well,this is what inspires me to write and it always will.

I hope you liked this.

You never have to change anything you got up in the middle of the night to write.”
― Saul Bellow

I loved words. I love to sing them and speak them and even now, I must admit, I have fallen into the joy of writing them.-Anne Rice


Jemini Katechia